Close your eyes.
Take a nice, deep breath and go on a journey of hypnosis

My Mission


Stepping into a new world is always difficult and riddled with its own anxiety. This is especially the case with an unknown entity such as hypnosis. With more than 20 years of experience, my mission is to help you navigate the expansive and healing world of hypnosis. 

As a certified clinical hypnotist I am able to provide effective guidance in:

· Increasing self confidence 

· Overcoming fears and phobias 

· Changing bad habits such as smoking

· Weight loss 

. Pain managment 


Depression and Anxiety


Managing and reducing:

  • Social anxiety 
  • Work anxiety 
  • Depression

Change Habits


Quit smoking 

Quit bad habits

Introduce positive habits

Diet and Weight Loss


Manage cravings

Fight weight-related stress

Practice mindful eating habits

Sleep Disorders


Alleviate sleeping problems

Improve sleep duration and restfulness 

Grief and Loss


Working through feelings of loss and grief 

Finding mindful and healthy coping techniques 


I am available for all of your questions!

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